With Trailhead for Students, your students get the same training we offer our best customers. Content come from Trailhead and have been tested and used by a wide range of organizations, from startups and nonprofits to the Fortune 500.
Trailhead for Students offers your students a pathway to high-quality, high-paying careers in technology. To help students get there, our program provides universities, colleges, and educational nonprofits with fully developed, instructor-ready courses. 
The program gives educators and administrators access to instructor guides and suggested coursework. Salesforce material is designed for flexibility: coursework can be taught as individual semester classes, embedded within an existing class, or delivered in a comprehensive, bootcamp-style program.
Get hands-on with curated content for you to get up to speed quickly. Learn More
Trailhead provides hands-on 'playgrounds' – giving students access to the full platform while working on Trailhead content or your own assignments.
On campus events to engage and inspire your students, getting them excited for opportunities in the Salesforce ecosystem
Free learning opportunities for students taught by expert community members. Learn More
Student-led groups to help future technology leaders connect and learn Salesforce skills together. Learn More

Our students will be the leaders of tomorrow. Together, they are creating a legacy that will help close the opportunity divide across this country.”

Salesforce is surprisingly easy to teach. That’s because we provide everything you need to help students learn
the Salesforce skills employers value. We’ve taken care of the coursework so you can focus on teaching. Check out a few examples of our curated content below.
Prepare your students for high-quality careers by offering in-depth courses on Salesforce cloud technology as part of your course catalog. Join Trailhead for Students to access educator and student guides and other teaching resources.
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